How to inflate a tire without a pump

We offer you four life hacks on how to correct the situation with the help of available tools.

Method one

The tire valve is connected to the union of the master brake cylinder with a pre-drained reservoir. Next, you need to „pump“ the brake pedal as it is usually done when changing the brake fluid.

Method two

Take any aerosol can and connect it to the nipple. The most important thing is that there is a substance in the can that does not dissolve rubber and does not freeze like polyurethane foam.

Method three

Connect a hose to the air path after the compressor. The boost pressure between the intake valve and the turbocharger should be sufficient to inflate the wheel.

Method four

This method is suitable only for „advanced“ motorists. It is necessary to throw the bead ring over the hump of the wheels using an explosion of fuel vapor. Although the method is fire hazardous, nevertheless, there are many videos on the Web with step-by-step instructions.